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Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a method by which you can consciously avoid or aim for pregnancy.

NFP is a symptothermal method. Which means, you have to measure your basal body temperature and a second body sign: your cervical mucus or alternatively your cervix. Therefore, this method of contraception is particularly safe.


Buy a suitable thermometer

In order to take your basal body temperature, you need a suitable thermometer. It can be an analog or digital thermometer. If you prefer a digital thermometer, make sure that it displays two decimal points.
Measure you temperature immediately after waking up, for 3 minutes, eventhough the thermometer beeps beforehand.

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your cycle

Start observing your cycle and enter you observations into the NFP cycle sheet or into the ovolution app. In addition to basal body temperature, you should observe your cervical mucus or cervix. But other body signs such as your libido, midcycle pain, breast symptoms or other signs can also give you additional clues about your cycle. Feel free to enter everything.

NFP cycle sheet


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the method

The symptothermal methode NFP is the most reliable alternativ to hormonal contraception, if you know and apply the rules correctly. Familiarize yourself with the symtothermal method and check your knowledge in a NFP consultation. We can recommend the standard works to you and, as certified NFP consultants, are happy to advise you.

FAQ - frequently asked questions about NFP (natural family planning)

Nope. Quite the opposite. It’s only about 6 days in the cycle where you’re potentially fertile.

Cervical mucus has nothing to do with pathological discharge. It is formed by estrogen in the first phase of the cycle and is a sign of fertility. See if you can observe it. It actually sometimes looks like curd or like egg white. In this video you can see what cervical mucus looks like.

A very clear NO. You need to find out if your body reacts to different times of measurement. Just always measure when you wake up and write down the time.

The temperature values can be disturbed by various factors. This means that they are high even though you are in the low level of your temperature curve. A disruptive factor can be, for example, alcohol the night before, stress or an illness.

There are several factors that can disrupt your temperature. For example:

  • cold or illness
  • unusual alcohol consumption
  • short/disturbed night’s sleep
  • stress
  • late measurement

Natural family planning has a Pearl Index of 0.4, making it as safe as the pill. And indeed, the user safety is higher than with the pill!

You learn to recognize your particularly fertile days and can have targeted unprotected sex or plan fertilization. This is especially helpful if you have irregular cycles. In addition, you do not need a pregnancy test respectively you can take the test at the right time. And the calculation of the due date is more accurate than that of your gyn.

Here, too, the rule is: try it out. Use the first few months to find out if and what exactly disrupts your temperature. Is it the party, alcohol or the short sleep?

Yes. Probably. But maybe a day or two later, depending on which temperature values are missing. Try to think about it as often as possible. Because even when it comes to measuring, practice makes masters.

No, unfortunately that is not possible. The pill suppresses your natural cycle. Your body thinks you’re pregnant and you’re not ovulating.

Yes, absolutely! If you stop taking the pill, you can start using the symptothermal method right in the first cycle! For you, a special rule applies in the first cycle.

Probably not. And only about 14% of menstruating people have a cycle of 28 days. The best way to find out for yourself is to measure your basal body temperature in the morning.

We never know when exactly we will ovulate. Based on the increased temperature, however, you can determine when your ovulation took place.

If you are not fertile (no cervical mucus and the cervix is hard and closed), the sperm will die after about half an hour.

Well, It all depends on what you mean by sex. If you don’t want to become pregnant, everything is allowed except penetration – so no pull out method.

Do you still have any questions?

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