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Whether natural contraception or the desire to have children, with or without prior knowledge: As experienced NFP consultants, we are at your side for all questions about the method of natural family planning (NFP) and will be happy to consult you.


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Erfahrung von Natalie mit ovolution
NFP is the perfect method of contraception for me. Hormone-free, vegan and natural. Thanks to the empathetic advice and support of Anna since 2018, I have found the necessary confidence in this method and my own body and can no longer imagine any other type of contraception.
Erfahrung von Michi mit ovolution
I have been uncomfortable with the pill for a long time because it suppressed my menstruation and I could no longer feel the natural symptoms of my cycle. In the Symptothermal MethNFP consultation with Anna, I developed a completely new body feeling and finally had the feeling of being able to influence self-effectively.
As the security-loving and rule-compliant person that I am, I can orient myself through Anna's advice on the rules and understand whether I am fertile or not. Thanks to Anna's consultation, my understanding of the body has changed for the better. I now feel safe with hormone-free contraception, because there is a set of rules, studies and contact persons like Anna who support you.
Through NFP I got to know my cycle and thus my body better, have relaxed sex and family planning worked very easily. Sounds easy? It is, if you get the right support at the start. Anna's expertise, her motivating nature and also her "homework" 🙂 have encouraged me to trust NFP. And it was worth it!
After getting off the pill, I found the perfect contraceptive method for me - the symptothermal method NFP - and got to know my body and my cycle better. With her consultation, Anna was able to strengthen my confidence in NFP and in my abilities. Thank you, Anna! 🙂

Your cycle check

Together we go through the rules of the symptothermal method according to Sensiplan®, take a look at your temperature curve, clarify questions about the observation of cervical mucus or individual disruptive factores.

Duration: 1 session of 45 minutes
Price: 60 €

Zykluscheck Beratung nach NFP-Sensiplan


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